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Who We Are

The International Parliament of Education is a non profit organization who really believe in future generations. Our team members are committed to design, plan and implement learning projects for children and young students. We promote leadership, multiculturalism, tolerance and lifelong vision regarding equity, gender perspectives and social responsibility. 
Our legacy is meant to be an alliance with different nations who are aware about trending topics that are challenging our circumstances in XXI Century. Our resources facilitate education through different programs that bring hope to communities that are not able to join global policies for science, technology, innovation, or human rights.

You are invited to share our goals!

Our Mission


Our Vision is to aim the UNESCO policies and procedures to impact values and society through a true reform in education to become change advisors that improves the integration of cultural evolution by updating the axes of knowledge in accordance with the historical, political, economic, technological, scientific, cultural and social context to promote leadership through projects with social responsibility.

Teacher and Pupil


Identify educational leadership in different countries to recognize the best learning methods to create or design new pedagogical models that are inclusive, supportive, and fraternal for all the regions to increase the quality life for their communities. 


Honor, Academic Quality, Social Justice, Multiculturalism, Fraternity, Solidarity, Innovation.

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