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International Relations & Cultural Affairs Program

Our dynamic International Relations Program, a visionary initiative that establishes meaningful connections with exceptional leaders across the Americas to shape new policies and forge impactful pathways in education and local communities.

At the core of this program lies the invaluable exchange of knowledge, ideas, and experiences. Through extensive research and collaboration, we gather comprehensive information and data on the educational landscape of each country, enabling us to gain deep insights into the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. We are now working with some Ambassadors, Councils and Ministers.


The International Relations Program serves as a bridge between nations, creating a global network of leaders who share a common vision of educational progress and societal development. By collaborating with these remarkable individuals, we collectively shape the future of education, leveraging best practices and embracing innovation to create inclusive and empowering learning environments.

Join us in this groundbreaking endeavor as we pioneer new frontiers in education, propelling our communities towards a future that is defined by knowledge, growth, and endless possibilities.




of countries allocated less than 4% of their GDP to education.


million adults lack basic reading and writing skills.


million teachers need to be hired to achieve universal primary and secondary education by 2030.


million children and youth are out of school worldwide.

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