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Iberoamerican Councils Recognition 2023 in Houston, Texas.

Maria Elena Orantes, Mexican Council in Houston and Luis Ruiz, President of the International Parliament of Education organized the first Networking event on August 31st 2023. At 10 a.m. the participation of the Councils started with a nice welcoming from the authorities. In recognition of their efforts in Houston, Mr. Luis Ruiz offered to all the iberoamerican nations a significant flag from their countries. The special materials were hand made by mexican original indians. Those flags are important because they represent respect, history and memories from ancient cultures.

The Networking Event took place at the Mexican Council Office located in Houston, Texas. Some of the leaders were our Global Executive Members, Mr. Alberto Ziehl and Max Jambrina. During the event all the speeches were about the importance of education, gender equity, sustainability and digital evolution. Empowering Iberoamerican Education was one of the benefits of this event. President Luis Ruiz and distinguished members from Argentina, Brazil, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, Republica Dominicana, Costa Rica, Salvador and Guatemala were enthusiastic about the importance of multiculturalism and building tolerance for future generations. The Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce represented by their President and CEO, Dr. Laura Murillo congratulates all the members too.

Other important representatives were invited like Sergio Rivadeneyra Martell, Cristina Tosonoti (Argentina), Fernando Diez (Colombia), Alba Coello (Ecuador), Alejandro Garcia (Ecuador), Alberto Sosa (Panama), RIcardo Giron (GUatemala), Felipe Diaz (Chile), Gustavo E. Ayala (Paraguay), Herbert Espinoza (Costa Rica), Yolando Oliva (Honduras), Samuel Trejos (Nicaragua) Maria Vieira (Brasil) and Julia Olmo (Spain).

Creating new opportunities in education, building networking frames, designing conferences, looking for new researchers and planning more activities will be some of the results from this important event for all the Iberoamerican countries.

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