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60th anniversary celebration for AIESEC in Mexico.

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

One of the most popular nonprofit organizations AIESEC will celebrate their 60th anniversary during the weekend. Their Alumni will be present too. Some of the national important leaders like Alberto Ziehl, J. M. Ferron, Lorena Rubio, Claudia Salinas, Roberto Lomeli, Juan Carlos Kayten, and our Executive Director, Adriana Hernandez were invited to celebrate the students organization contributions in the administrative and economic fields of study. Their AIESEC Alumni President Kevin Munstermann will be recognized as an important sports and academic leader too.

AIESEC is a worldwide organization formed after the Second World War to assist foreign students with a successful international exchange program for students that were open minded leaders that join global corporations as volunteers or for professional purposes. Some of the most awarded leaders from Mexico was Francisco Gil Diaz.

As an organization that has always stood for peace, the protection of human life’s and education, AIESEC is celebrating their national effort for more than 6 decades. For more information about the event please contact



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