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Financial Graduation for 65 Students with Scholarships.

Deloitte and Junior Achievement Mexico trained financial skills to 65 students that were promoted by The International Parliament of Education.

During January and February, 65 students were enrolled to “Count with you” program promoted by Junior Achievement and Deloitte.  Universidad Iberoamericana students from the Marketing Area were promoted to use the budget simulators designed by Deloitte to learn good financial skills.

According to the students, this course was a great chance to learn about credit, budget, accountability, and other financial terms. “Count with you” is an online course for people who are willing to invest their time and simulated money to solve daily negative financial problems.

Students abilities were used to launch new products or services, to learn theorical paradigms and to interact with peers to negotiate fictional situations. Hugo Preciado and his team, from Junior Achievement, offered financial trending topics, good tips and some personal experiences to make the best financial decisions.

Some students were excited about the course like the Spaniard Pablo Mora, Carolina Mireles, Regina Solano, Daniel Gomez or Montserrat Medina. Oscar Urosa, Adriana D Angelis, Maria Canchola, Ruben Gonzalez, Silvia Pazos, Karen Lucero and Isa Tamez were trained too. With the course “Count with you”, The International Parliament of Education contributed to promote positive skills.

Finally, the General Director of Junior Achievement Mexico, Paula Pastor sent their Diplomas to all the students. Our President, Luis Ruiz, congratulated all the students and institutions that made it possible!



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