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What We Do

Our work involves planning and enacting practical initiatives to secure these ends, with the guidance and participation of our colleagues and partners coming from all over the world. The International Parliament of Education has designated recognitions of honor to authorities and young leaders who are concerned about the destiny of each country and region, and specifically the quality and improvement of education, during its legislative period.

The fundamental objective is to generate the necessary conditions to exchange the educational experience of different countries and find common ground in this new era. The Parliament is mainly dedicated to coordinating educational activities to achieve a rapprochement between all countries since a large part of educational activity is not transmitted in all its true dimension. In this way we strive to bring about a stronger collective voice for action in education:

  • To invest in education and to promote the best practices for learning and training programs to share the same vision designed to strength regional values, gender equity and leadership in schools and learning centers.   

  • To recognize the greatest intellectual link between all people to achieve peace, freedom and social justice in a global context.

  • To the greatest extent possible, promote the development of activities in the field of educational activities in their various aspects, and stimulate scientific, aesthetic, philosophical and social research, and especially the study of educational problems that affect all countries directly or indirectly.

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