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A Young Scientist looking through a microscope

STEM Movement Program.

Global teachers prize.

The International Parliament of Education recognizes the importance of advancements in science and technology, and therefore, it has chosen a team of consultants who are experts in STEM subjects to offer a visionary proposal focused on innovation and sustainable development for communities in Latin America.

To achieve this, three projects have been developed:

  1. STEM Teachers' Contest. Refer to STEM Movement Consultation at

  2. School Consultancy Program aimed at schools that require an analysis for the improvement of STEM education, aligning their learning projects with the mechanisms offered by UNESCO.

  3. STEM Ecosystems Project. This proposal empowers community leaders to foster economies of scale in their communities by utilizing STEM software, hardware, and tools to add creativity to their business or educational processes. This, in turn, results in the creation of initiatives that can prosper within their regions.


For further information, please contact

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