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Unprecedented Initiative: 500 Scholarships for High School Students.

The International Parliament of Education designates more than 500 scholarships for students from all Latin American countries. The US-based non-profit organization has created a scholarship program that aims to promote development in communities to lower migration rates and thereby ensure that they have equal opportunities in their development with the same academic quality that is awarded when studying in American territory. Scholarships are an enormous opportunity to boost the growth of the educational progress of high school students seeking to access the best universities in the world.

Thanks to this program, the development of their talents is accelerated, the knowledge acquired in their countries of origin is reinforced, and it places them on the world stage of top-level education, since graduates will have soft skills so that they can collaborate with international students. to empower Latin America. Students who achieve their scholarship and thus study to obtain the US High School Diploma also acquire the endorsement by COGNIA, which is considered the largest accrediting institution in the world and which prioritizes the fulfillment of the organizational goals of the best schools. It should be noted that students obtain the US High School Diploma with the advantage of not having to leave their country, thanks to the use of a digital platform that allows them to study from home and, at the same time, take the certified baccalaureate in their nation.


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