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The International Parliament of Education was invited to “Expediente Abierto” (Open Files) launching event where Martin Achirica presented his new book regarding Nazca Evidence.

The International Parliament of Education was invited to a book launch in Mexico City on May 30th 2024. Our Science Club Director, Albert Ruiz Jr (@l.alberto.jr) presented his vision regarding the Nazca Bodies and talked about the importance of humanities and knowledge for new generations. The event took place at Helenico’s Church and Theater that is a Medieval Age, a unique architecture located in Mexico City. 

“Open File” or “Expediente Abierto” is the title of the book that Mr. Martin Achirica(@martinachirica) presented to his audience. Different perspectives were expressed during the event. The psychological paradigms, the medical analysis, the journalism point of view, the sculpture designs and the digital trends from our young Director, Albert Ruiz. 

“I am proud to be here. Thank you my friend Achirica. You believed in me and in my generation and that is why you deserve our trust. Your research will bring us hope and knowledge. No one is surprised today to receive images in their cellphones, everything is possible for us and we deserve to be part of the research because we will be the ones that will solve those big issues”.

The Executive Director from The International Parliament of Education, PhD. Adriana Hernandez published her research about Ojuelos Stones too in the book: “Those stones were amazing and I had the opportunity to share in the book an incredible experience with original pieces. I am sure that the book will be very important for educational purposes. Communication, leadership, teamwork and knowledge will be the clue for risktakers and open-minded people who are interested in science, medicine, archeology, social relations, art and history. Our cultures will benefit with the results. The book is just the beginning for a marvelous human and non-human storytelling”.

Our President, Mr. Luis Ruiz supported the launching too. The Vice-President for Cognia Latin America, Mr. Andrew Sherman was present to represent our Global Council Members. Both of them had a great time with the famous journalist Mr. Jaime Maussan, the author Mr. Martin Achirica, the TV Producer Luis Miguel Barona and other international researchers and artists that were present too during the event.



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