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Updated: Nov 21, 2023


Albert Ruiz was selected as the Science & Technology Club Director. Our International Spanish & English-Speaking Club is a network for students from 15 to 25 years old. It aims to develop communication skills, open minded students and leaders who are concerned about how science paradigms are working in the XXI Century.

Social responsibility for business and entrepreneurs should engage with communities all around the world. This global club will invite researchers, different international professionals to share their experiences in I.T. and Telecom sector. Community leaders who believe in education will introduce them to metaverse, artificial intelligence, wireless world, scientific researches like the Nazca Bodies and some specific topics like genetic studies or molecular trends.

Through new and existing knowledge like sustainable social development, scientific and technological initiatives, they will be committed to make a positive difference in High Schools and University contents with useful tools to engage more students with the most important questions for the future generations.

Our Parliament recognize that they will have to make important decisions and must act if they would like to help our planet. Innovation and critical thinking will help them to be creative too.

If you know some students that would like to join our club, please ask them to visit our website

Different activities will take place in October, November and December 2023. They are more than welcome to be part of the Science and Technology Club!


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