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Inspiration Awards 2024

Updated: Jun 18

The International Parliament of Education will recognize in June 18th 2024 different leaders who demonstrate their leadership skills and great commitment to core values. 10 amazing leaders will share their life storytelling in sports, arts and humanities. Humanity needs to be more tolerant with others and share common goals to achieve a better understanding among cultures and education is an important path for future learners. The Inspiration’s Recognition 2024 is willing to motivate students, teachers and principals to think about the importance of integrity and a balanced life. Inspirational Leaders 2024 who are going to be recognized by The International Parliament of Education are: ALBERT RUIZ CONTRERAS, FRANCISCO PADILLA “PANDA”, MANUEL NEGRETE ARIAS, ALBERTO GARCIA ASPE, ALBERTO LATI, FRANCISCO JAVIER GONZALEZ CHAVEZ, LUIS FLORES OCARANZA, MIGUEL ESPAÑA, ALONSO ANSELMO, ROBERT RUIZ CONTRERAS.



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