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Reading a Book

Global Communication Institute: LEESCUBRELO Program.

The 2023 and 2024 academic program aims to develop reading and writing skills in students from both public and private schools. Students are encouraged to read a book, write an essay on values, and create a story, thus engaging with universal narratives and literature. Additionally, the program focuses on honing their verbal and non-verbal language abilities by participating in national and international competitions, showcasing their communication aptitude.

This initiative is carried out in collaboration with the Miguel Alemán Foundation, the Global Communication Institute, and the Leescúbrelo Project, which has been operating similar programs for over 10 years in states like Veracruz, where it has already been integrated into the entire public education system.

Currently, the International Parliament of Education is working on a specialized program for private schools, as well as providing training for employees and executives who seek to excel in leadership and oratory skills for delivering effective speeches and presentations. For further information, please contact


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