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Our Programs

Female Friends

Exceptional Women Performances 2023 (May)

Women with a sense of inclusion, tolerance and leadership will be recognized by the International

Parliament of Education and 50 +1 non-profit organization. We are looking for different profiles to recognize woman with demonstrated achievements in their communities in the following categories: arts, technology, sports, science, justice, health, business management, education, media or social



Nominees should be:

1. Woman with more than 18 years old.

2. Ethical professionals with great values.

3. Leaders with amazing impact in their communities.

 For more information contact

Schools of Excellence Recognitions 2023

The International Parliament for Education will recognize those schools that had a great performance indifferent categories: Teaching-Learning, Community, Creativity and Innovation, Transformative Leadership, and Sustainability.


For this special recognition our President, Luis Ruiz, our Global Council Member Andrew Sherman, and

the board of directors of the selected school, will celebrate in their campus a special ceremony for all

your community.


To apply, please fill the FORM.

Students Sitting on Staircase
Adult Graduation

Honoris Causa 2023 (Nov)

This honorary degree is the highest honor conferred by the Parliament for leaders who are distinguished for their considerable contributions in a field of economics, social sciences, political or historical achievements.

Annually the Gala will take place in October at the facilities of one of our international partners in the category of universities.


Our President will be the host to recognize their qualifications and public achievements. Our Global Council Member, Angel Rivero will be the organizer.

100 Best Educational Experiences in America (Jan-July)

The Parliament will invite teachers from all America to write an essay where they can explain the individual storytelling, case studies, examples, methods or achievements in their communities.


We want them to share their feelings, thoughts, or proposals for better practices toward education in America.


If you want to participate, download the invitation letter and upload your essay through the system.


Our Executive Director, Adriana Hernandez, will assist you if you need more information about this printed book and digital e-book.

Best education experience
International Flags

International Alliances Program (Feb-Dec)

This important program will look for those non-profit organizations, universities, public institutions and private corporations that are willing to join our educational goal.


Those strategic alliances will help global efforts to support educational programs, educational events or any other needs related to social responsibility.


Our Global Council Member, Alberto Ziehl will be the leader of this important program.


The alliances should be aligned to the 30 ODS objectives or other organizations like ONU, UNICEF, UNESCO or OCDE.


If you are interested in sharing more information about your organization, please contact us.

Support Group

Online Coaching Programs (Feb-Dec)

This important program is a train the trainer’s project. Our mentors will help other teachers, admissions reps, school administrators and directors to upgrade their skills, abilities and competences.

This program will advise human resources to achieve OECD objectives in different professional areas.


Our calendar will be available in our events section. For more information please, contact us.

Image by Christopher Campbell

Parlie Youth Development Program (Jan-Dec)

This program will bring new opportunities to young students who are willing to have an international experience. The program supports the inclusion of new generations into educational trends. This annual benefit will host people interested in the following positions: Marketing and advertising, Graphic design, Public relations, Event & Logistics, Community managers, Communication and journalism, Administration and HR, Cultural affairs, Altruism and donations, IT systems support and Monitoring

strategic projects for 2023.


The positions are open to receive applications every January and will inform the candidate in February 1st.


For more information about this positions, please Contact Adriana Hernandez by email

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