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2023 School of Excellence Awards


International Parliament of Education  (IPE)
2023 School of Excellence Awards

The International Awards in Education are designed to celebrate quality learning experiences, professional teaching reflection and practice, community development, purposeful leadership and other strategic initiatives. The award process provides the opportunity for educators and learning organizations to share quality practice, community participation, and innovation.

The awards  aim to identify successful and purposeful practice across a range of educational priorities. Judging is based upon the merit of each initiative in their specific context and is carried out by the Awards Committee of the Parliament.

IPE Awards





​This award recognises an initiative involving students as community partners, working in collaboration with an external organization to create a lasting impact on the community.

This award recognises an initiative that supports students out of the box  thinking and creative innovation by producing and prototype or produce to address a problem.

This award  recognises an institutional initiative driven by a leadership team impacting teaching and learning beyond the specific institution.


This award recognises the commitment of an organization to actively engage in the United Nations Development Goals and embed sustainability in the values and operations of the organization.


This award recognises a school wide initiative supporting the implementation of quality learning activities resulting in student engagement, happiness and academic success.

How to apply

The awards are open to all accredited international schools offering a multilingual program.

Applications close on Monday, July 10th @ 5:00 pm Central

1. Sign up through our online application at the International Parliament of Education website.


2. Start by selecting the award category that represents your initiative.


3. Fill out our eligibility criteria to see if your school is eligible for our awards.

4. Complete the application form, responding to every question within the given word limits.

5. All schools may enter only one category.

6. Once complete, submit your application.


I want to nominate my school to the 2023 School of Excellence Awards

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