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Personal Profile



In 2005, Myrnaliz founded Intellicon Group Corp. As the CEO, she launched more than 400 successful marketing campaigns and revolutionary experiential success stories. In 2010, the productivity of the business platform transformed the way of not only work, but life, by ending the collective delusion that the burnout price must pay for success.


For the last fifteen years, Myrnaliz has successfully combined her business aspirations with a variety of significant personal challenges. Always searching for the best opportunities to work with, and on behalf of clients, focusing on the best deals possible. 


Mother of six, wife, daughter and marketer, in 2017 the Neco family moved to The Woodlands, looking for even better opportunities for their children. After many success stories, many challenges, and personal transformations throughout 2020, her parents decided to move with her; giving her guidance to meet her full potential. They wanted to ensure that all their grandchildren saw their mother achieve dreams through the benefits of dedication, courage and a positive outlook in any situation. 



As a mother of six I've been in all kinds of dramas - Marketing is my passion, results are my charging stations, "I just love what I do"


You can call me, text me, or email me.., Iam available to connect with you at your best convenience!   Hablo español. 

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