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Personal Profile

Stephen Murray Kiernan

Stephen Murray Kiernan was born in Dublin, Ireland. He studied at the Universities of Dublin, Cambridge and Cape Town in South Africa.

At the World Bank he was Principal Consultant for University Affairs: among various activities he was the founder of the African University of Science and Technology, and author of policies on technical education for 95 developing countries.

He was director of the following institutes: the University of the United States in Mexico City, the Graduate Council of the Anahuac University, and the Center for Research in Education and International Business (CIENI) at the World Trade Center. He is the author of eleven books and has organized 190 cultural events.  Received many awards, including the National Award for Professional Excellence from the Mexican Senate. He is a Member of the National Academy of History and Geography and the   National Honorary Legion of Mexico, Honorary Member of the Rotary Club  , and Grand Master of the Most Illustrious Order of Saint Patrick in Latin America.

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