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Personal Profile

Luis Ruiz

Luis Ruiz is a Mexican businessman who has stood out for his leadership in The Woodlands, Texas. His academic work was consolidated thanks to his experience of more than a decade in the Educational Model of the International Baccalaureate (IB). The Woodlands Prep International School  supports international students from Pre K through 12th grade.

His experience in the accounting and financial areas has allowed him to establish businesses throughout Latin America and the United States.

Due to his extensive experience, he was elected as a member of the Board of Directors by the Mexican-American Chamber of Business based in Houston, Texas.  He has also been honored at the Honorable Congress of the Union in Mexico City (Chamber of Senators).

As of January 2022, he was appointed President of the International Parliament of Education, where he chairs various initiatives for the promotion of equity, the execution of works related to the comprehensive education of children and young people, as well as for supporting potential talents in various disciplines. artistic and sports.  For this reason, organizations such as Barcelona Soccer Team and ABE (England), an institution dedicated to fostering development opportunities for young entrepreneurs by creating various business incubators.

His extensive work includes enriching experiences in conjunction with the University of the Americas (Puebla, Mexico) and the Anáhuac University based in the State of Mexico. He was a promoter of the Harvard MBA for postgraduate students in conjunction with the IDEA body.

It has supported OECD initiatives and Nobel Prize winners such as Rigoberta Menchu or different members of Embassies from all over the world.

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